How do I refill my e-cigarette or tank?


There are various brands of e-cigarettes, each coming with a distinct mode of refilling. Also, when you are new to vaping, it is usually difficult to discern when your best e-juice needs to be refilled and how to do it.  When vaping on a cigalike, your e-cigarette is ready to Vape out of the box once been purchased but if you bought a vape pen starter kit, then it is neccessary that you fill it up before you can begin vaping. How frequent you will be refilling your vape pen will depend on how often you vape.

When is it time to refill?

There are different mechanisms for filling your e-cigarette,  some are made to  be refilled using fresh tanks while others work by manually refilling the clearomizer with best e-juice. Some cartomizers are opaque hence it is hard to see through and determine when the best e-juice is reducing in quantity. In this case, you will need telltale signs to predict when to plan your refilling, although continuous vaping will enable you calculate average  time intervals when your e-juice must be finishing. One major and reliable telltale sign is the strength of the e-juice flavour. When you start getting a weaker throat hit when compared to your previous experiences or flavour isn’t there as it used to be, then you are supposed to refill the cape pen asap. Further use of the vapor pen without refilling will result in burning the atomizer which gives out an unpleasant taste.

An exception is a pod mod, an e-cig designed to juxtapose the ease of use of a cigalike and the power of pen-style model. The pods are easy to change through a magnetic slotting system, they are also transparent allowing you see when you’re running  out of juice. Read more.

Filling your clearomizers and tanks

Different best vape pen tanks have different methods for their filling, meaning that you will need to check the product description and instructions for your clearomizer before trying to fill it up.  New tanksnks are used in refilling closed system e-cigarettes, meaning that the e-juice contained within the tank itself cannot be manually refilled. All that is needed is, to unscrew the used one and dispose it responsibly. Thereafter, take the new tank and screw it onto the rechargeable device securely, so as not to affect vapor production.

For open system cigarettes, check the instructions included with your tank to see if the tank is a top- or bottom-filling tank .Top-filling tanks are refilled at the top, while bottom-filling tanks are refilled by turning the tank upside down, also do well to check the information about how to open the tank for refilling. All that is left to do is,to unscrew the mouthpiece and battery from clearomizer. Therefter,place the nozzle on inside wall, to avoid center tubing then, squeeze to fill clearomizer. Gauge the level using clear window and do not fill past the internal tube . Finally, screw the  mouthpiece and battery back onto clearomizer. You  may take few short drags to prime e-cigarette for best vapor production.


Refilling your best vape pen coupd seem to be a herculean task if there’s no one to guide you , but by carefully reading the instruction on your vape pen manual or asking for help at the retail shop where you bought the e-juice , you are good to go. Learn more details at:

How to Find the Best Vape Pen Starter Kit for First Time Vapers?

Finding the best vape pen can be extremely important. The trouble is first time users can find it a little difficult to narrow the choices down when choosing a starter kit. You do have some serious options available so it’s worth thinking about how to make the search easier. The following are just a few simple steps that may prove useful when it comes to choosing the best vape pen for you today.

Go Online and Look At What Options Are Available

If you are a first-timer then it’s wise to get a feel for what’s out there. There are a lot of starter kits available so you need to know the various kits available. You can conduct a simple internet search and you should see a dozen or so results appearing. Once this happens, you can take a closer look at a few starter kits and make a list of potential five or six options. From there you should be able to find the best vape pen starter kit for you.

Look At the Costs and What You Get With the Starter Kits

You want the best vapor pen and one that’ll last a long time so you need to look at what you’re getting and if there’s value with it. Vape pens and starter kits are not cheap but if you find a good vapor pen then that can last a very long time and the only thing you need to worry about are the refills. Refills are very inexpensive so if you choose wisely you could make a great investment. It’s important to look at the cost of the vapor pen and what is in the starter kit. Do you just get a vapor pen and one cartridge or are there several and do you feel its good value for money? These are the things you need to think about when searching for the best.

Read Reviews and Feedback to Find the Best Vape Pen

Another important aspect to look into will have to be feedback. If you have one or two starter kits in mind it’s wise to look at what others have said about them. This will hopefully be able to build a picture of what you’re getting and maybe it’ll help narrow the choices down somewhat. Reviews are particularly good at looking into simply because customers who have tried certain products will leave a review of how they found their experience. It’s something to consider when searching for the best vape pen starter kit. Of course, reviews and feedback alone cannot decide the final outcome of your choice but hopefully they’ll be able to give you a fair idea what you’re getting.

Choose Carefully

Vapor pens are becoming vastly sought after and the market is filled with them too but that might not be the best thing. The trouble is a lot of people have issues understanding which pens are best for them personally. If you’re new to the whole game then it is a real head scratcher. However, things can be made a lot easier when you have an idea of what you need and want. Hopefully the above tips would have helped somewhat or at least helped in reducing the options down considerably. Find the best vapor pen.