How do I refill my e-cigarette or tank?


There are various brands of e-cigarettes, each coming with a distinct mode of refilling. Also, when you are new to vaping, it is usually difficult to discern when your best e-juice needs to be refilled and how to do it.  When vaping on a cigalike, your e-cigarette is ready to Vape out of the box once been purchased but if you bought a vape pen starter kit, then it is neccessary that you fill it up before you can begin vaping. How frequent you will be refilling your vape pen will depend on how often you vape.

When is it time to refill?

There are different mechanisms for filling your e-cigarette,  some are made to  be refilled using fresh tanks while others work by manually refilling the clearomizer with best e-juice. Some cartomizers are opaque hence it is hard to see through and determine when the best e-juice is reducing in quantity. In this case, you will need telltale signs to predict when to plan your refilling, although continuous vaping will enable you calculate average  time intervals when your e-juice must be finishing. One major and reliable telltale sign is the strength of the e-juice flavour. When you start getting a weaker throat hit when compared to your previous experiences or flavour isn’t there as it used to be, then you are supposed to refill the cape pen asap. Further use of the vapor pen without refilling will result in burning the atomizer which gives out an unpleasant taste.

An exception is a pod mod, an e-cig designed to juxtapose the ease of use of a cigalike and the power of pen-style model. The pods are easy to change through a magnetic slotting system, they are also transparent allowing you see when you’re running  out of juice. Read more.

Filling your clearomizers and tanks

Different best vape pen tanks have different methods for their filling, meaning that you will need to check the product description and instructions for your clearomizer before trying to fill it up.  New tanksnks are used in refilling closed system e-cigarettes, meaning that the e-juice contained within the tank itself cannot be manually refilled. All that is needed is, to unscrew the used one and dispose it responsibly. Thereafter, take the new tank and screw it onto the rechargeable device securely, so as not to affect vapor production.

For open system cigarettes, check the instructions included with your tank to see if the tank is a top- or bottom-filling tank .Top-filling tanks are refilled at the top, while bottom-filling tanks are refilled by turning the tank upside down, also do well to check the information about how to open the tank for refilling. All that is left to do is,to unscrew the mouthpiece and battery from clearomizer. Therefter,place the nozzle on inside wall, to avoid center tubing then, squeeze to fill clearomizer. Gauge the level using clear window and do not fill past the internal tube . Finally, screw the  mouthpiece and battery back onto clearomizer. You  may take few short drags to prime e-cigarette for best vapor production.


Refilling your best vape pen coupd seem to be a herculean task if there’s no one to guide you , but by carefully reading the instruction on your vape pen manual or asking for help at the retail shop where you bought the e-juice , you are good to go. Learn more details at:

Things to know about box mod vaping


Box mods are manually-controlled electronic cigarettes that bear a striking resemblance  with  a ‘box’ and  a clearomizer/tank attached to one end, their name derived  from their box-like dimension. For vaping enthusiasts and experienced vapers, box mod vapes is the big step ,typically bigger when compared to other vaporizers and endowed with a lot of outstanding features that make the  vaping experience more enjoyable.  Built to be the best vaporizer for vapers seeking customisation, the vape mod is everything you would expect to see with almost any other type of e-cig device.

What makes the box mod stand out?

The box mod works in the same process as other vaporizers , having a battery inside that heats up the coil. And the coil , located in a separate atomizer that is attached to the box mod. On heating,this coil creates a vapour  which the vapor afterward inhales. The stand out feature  about the best vape mod is, the power to completely control your vaping experience with more specialized features , which gives you the option of modifying voltage, wattage, and temperature settings based on your preference.

Features of Vape Mod

* Temperature Regulator

With a box mod, worrying about a too dry or hot hit is a past experience. One of it’s greatest features is the ability to regulate your vaping temperature and hence control too, how much power your vaporizer is consuming..

* Adjustable Wattage and Power

The wattage is the amount of power that reaches the atomizer from the battery, it goes a long way in influencing the intensity of e-juice hitting the throat. A higher wattage means a greater vape intensity and more exhilarating vaping experience and the best box mod gives you control over this feature. Click here.

* Long battery life

Ever craved for an e-cigarette puff and the battery in the vape dies, causing the vaper a great deal of relapse? This will be bad news for persons who are hoping to quit smoking tobacco using vaping.  A long battery life ensures that a dead battery or relapse  never occurs again and an added plus to the box mod.

* Sub Ohm Vaping

Vapers are usually glad to see massive clouds, allowing them  to  draw out more flavor from their vapor and creating a more pleasant vaping experience. These clouds are unlikely to be unrelated to sub ohm vaping. And this is possible because box mod vaporizer users can attach a sub-ohm atomizer which  allow them to vape with a very low resistance level of less than 1 ohm.  The lesser electrical resistance allows for more signal to flow to the atomizer. Again, courtesy of vape mod.


If your desire is to take vaping to another level, wanting the best flavor, vapor, and throat hit, then box mods is the choice to make. I gives you full control over your vaping experience.All box mod designs are great but not all are created equal, this means that a del of research must be done before spending your money. For more information visit:


Best vape pen

Best vape pen starter kit: Avoid THESE Common Mistakes

How to select the best vape pen starter kit? There are many options. Be sure to start RIGHT

If you seriously think about how to stop smoking, and you plan to show beauty, first of all, congratulations, you are doing the right thing: smoking – the real killer, and despite the fact that the media say, less risk for the health (if present) and is a safe fire for what you need to make your way onto the path of life without nicotine. Here we will look at the best set for beginners.

My experience for best vape pen starter kit

I did this trip a few years ago, I was completely disappointed with disposable waste and cheap sets, maltreated kiosks and supermarkets throughout the length and width of the country. So I tried Google for answers to the answers, but I found that a multitude of sellers sell their products, and very little real information about the products themselves and, above all, about the differences between the fluids that fit them.

This, by the way, is why I became co-founder of Vape Beat. Vaping helped me overcome the habit of smoking for a decade and a half, and it will also help. I’m sure I’m sure you’re all right. Below is a down list of all the best pairs for beginners, simply organized, with links to magazines and other content so you can do all your research before pulling the trigger to buy,


Disposable. Rechargeable batteries. Liquid. Regardless, avoid at all costs. None of this is of good quality and will lead you to not enjoy the product or the transition to best vape pen starter kit. Seriously I learned the most difficult way and lost money in this process. Do not make the same mistake as me.

Invest in decent steam models and steam tanks

If you are doing something, you can do it well, and that means you will spend some money on your steam engine. Not a state, mind. But more than 14 pounds. If you happen to live near the steam store, make sure you go in and discuss it because most – at least those I use in London – I know what they are saying and help you find the perfect product for your needs.

We have compiled a list of the best online vase vendors, with links so you can see who the best in the industry is. Most of them are based in the United States, although there is an option for those in the United Kingdom. All resellers in this list were seen by the VapeBeat employees, and their inclusion in the list only occurs when they meet our high standards, which allow for web design, customer service, product portfolio, pricing and delivery options.

Vape Mode: Vape Pen or Box-Mod?

As far as power is concerned, you have two options: a feather style configuration common among new users. They usually have built-in battery and charge via USB. Another option is the box-mod, which are larger units that can provide much more energy than their fountain pen equivalents.

The Best Steam Set for Beginners: The Best Liquid E

This made me understand, but this was one of the most important lessons I learned during my trip. The quality of the liquid used is very important – and not just for the taste. Make sure you have the best vape pen starter kit and not a chemical mixer imported from China.

The liquid chemical composition is simple and usually contains four main components: water, propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (GV), nicotine and flavor. But when you buy cheap online products or at the doorstep, it’s impossible to know what you get, which means that the products you just bought can be made from poor quality chemicals, or, worse, potentially dangerous falsification.

Best Beginner Steam Set: The power of nicotine eLiquid

E-Liquid offers many benefits and, depending on the amount of smoke, it is important to choose the right one. Light smokers will likely have reasons for starting levels, for example 5-6 ml, and heavier smokers prefer something with a bit sharper – 12 to 15 ml.

Once I tried 32ml e-liquid, and gave my heart to my heart, so yes, if you have the hardcore with the juice, make sure your body Click for detail: